Announcing Release of Version 0.11

Today’s update improves the functionality of the system back button. First, it fixes a bug where hitting back several times could bring the user to a solid white screen with no way out except to quit and reopen the app. Second, we’ve manually added some functionality to the back button so it will behave like you […]

We have a new App Icon!

The look and feel of our app has changed a lot since we started. So we thought we needed a new app icon to reflect that. Originally, we had wanted to avoid the “check mark”. Search for “to-do list” apps and they are all check marks! Half of them are white check marks on a […]

Announcing Release of Version 0.096 (Beta)

This release tries to improve the Onboarding experience for first-time users of the app. We know Simply Goals & Tasks is a little different. And that’s a good thing! But it can also make it seem strange and scary to new users. Having a great first-launch experience is a really difficult problem, which we will […]

Announcing Release of Version 0.094 (Beta)

You won’t see any difference after updating to today’s release, but it is important. With this release, we have updated our version of the Firebase Database API. Firebase (owned by Google) is the service we use to instantly backup and sync all your data. This online backup ensures that even if your phone was lost […]

Announcing Release of Version 0.093 (Beta)

In today’s update, we’ve added the ability to create a new Goal right from the New Task screen. The “Goals” in Simply Goals & Tasks function like categories when you are managing your tasks. It’s a way to organize your different types of tasks, color coordinating them, and making it clear when a task aligns […]