Have a really long list of things to do by the end of the year? Making a plan to get it all done is what Simply Goals & Tasks does best.

Let’s look at December

  1. Go to the Planner section (from the three-line Main Menu in the top left)
  2. Change to Monthly view in the Planner by tapping “Month” along the bottom
  3. Swipe to view December.

Get down all the tasks

Now that you are looking at December, any new task will default to be scheduled for December.

Hit the floating plus button in the bottom-right to add a task. Repeat.

Making a Plan

The monthly planner has sections for each week. Then at the bottom is a section for tasks simply scheduled for that month with no week specified. By default, tasks with a schedule more specific than the week (meaning an exact day or even date and time) are hidden. These can easily be shown by tapping the “+10 more” button.

The sections show how many total hours are scheduled for that timeframe. Making it easy to see at a glance how booked up you are that week.

Move the December tasks into specific weeks

Use that total time info along with your own knowledge of your schedule to start making your plan.

You know that the week of Christmas is probably going to be busy and you shouldn’t put more in there than necessary. You also know about friends visiting or family obligations that might take up your time earlier in the month. If you’ll be traveling – the days just before a trip are always busy with last minute preparations. Leave extra time there, too.

In general, I always like to front-load tasks. Meaning when there is a choice, schedule it for earlier rather than later. This leaves some elbow room for things that come up unexpected.

Drag & Drop tasks into specific weeks:

  1. Press and hold a task to start a “Drag&Drop”
  2. Drag it into the section representing the week you plan on doing it
  3. “Drop” the task into that week by lifting your finger
  4. Keep moving things around until you have a plan that you are happy with. Ideally, you don’t have too much in any one week and you have all your “December” tasks scheduled into specific weeks


Planning your week

Now that you have a plan for December, do the same for the weeks. As each week is starting, go to the Weekly Planner and put the tasks into specific days. Or at least the majority of tasks, depending on how strict you like your schedule. You can also plan your day to the minute in the Daily Planner.

Get it done

Once you have your plan, the important part is to follow through. There are lots of opportunities for distraction in December, and hopefully, your plan leaves room for a few 😉 But if you find yourself constantly postponing, you’re not going to get it all done!

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