Simply Goals & Tasks has been ready for release for quite a while now. I’ve been the one holding it back.

It always feels like this next feature is going to make all the difference… we should wait for that to be done. But then it’s true for the next feature.

It’s also scary.

After some encouragement from my Y Combinator Startup School mentor, we’re doing it! There really is no reason to wait.

As of today, Simply Goals & Tasks is released to Production on Google Play and available to anyone!

You ask, “What does this even mean? I’ve been using the app for months”

At the start of the year, Simply Goals & Tasks was in a closed Beta, where users had to request to be added to a list and only then could they download it.

On May 1 we opened the Beta to anyone. This meant you no longer needed to be added to a list. Anyone could download the app. But you needed to accept an agreement that acknowledged you understand that the app is in Beta.

The Open Beta still exists today. These Beta Testers get new releases a few days before everyone else. They test it out and are very helpful! Anyone can join the Open Beta, and we would love more people to do so!

Simply Goals & Tasks Beta Program:

We quickly realized that a lot of people are turned away by that Beta Program Agreement. Which makes sense, its purpose is to serve as a warning. But what we want more than anything are new users to try our app and let us know what we are doing right (and wrong).

Stability and keeping tasks safe and secure have been priorities since day one. Combined with all the usability improvements we’ve made recently, the app is more than ready to be used without needing to warn users that it’s new.

So now we have released to Production in Google Play.

Check it out:

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