Today’s update improves the functionality of the system back button.

First, it fixes a bug where hitting back several times could bring the user to a solid white screen with no way out except to quit and reopen the app.

Second, we’ve manually added some functionality to the back button so it will behave like you would expect.

The main sections of the app (Planner, Settings, Overview, etc) are all at the same level and actually part of the same Activity (for those who know about Android programming). This is the only way to get that sliding drawer (aka Hamburger) menu.

Because they are the same Activity, the back button has no default behavior when switching between these different main sections. By contrast, the New Task screen is a different Android Activity, so the back button works like you would expect there by default.

With this update we now manually (manually for the app, you don’t have to do anything) manage the “back stack” (aka the list of places in the app you have last been). So if you go from the Planner to Settings, then hit back, you will be brought back to the Planner. Just like you would expect!

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