A TLD or a Top Level Domain is the “com” in “Google.com” — “Google” is the second level. You can also have sub-domains like the “mail” in “mail.google.com”. Google can have as many sub-domains like: “plus”, “developers”, “support”, “sergey-rocks”, anything they want all for free.

The company had to buy “google.com” (probably for about $7 / year) from one of the domain name registries out there: Name Cheap, Name.Com, GoDaddy, to name a few. There are a bunch of these companies, but you could count them all if you wanted. These are the only companies who the lords of the internet allow to sell domain names and then register where a visitor should be sent when typing that domain name into her browser.

It is hard to find a good .com domain name these days, as third-party companies buy up anything that sounds like a good name, and hold on to it hoping to resell it for much more later. As a solution to this, as well as the general growing of the amount of websites on the web, new Top Level Domains (TLDs) are being released. These include things like .io .photographer .cooking .plumber .directory .solutions .center and, you guessed it — .digital. As well as so, so many more. Here is a full list if you’re curious.

The “Digital” TLD became available on September third and we grabbed up “Simply.Digital” as quick as we could!

And even though we’ve been working on our first app — Simply Goals & Tasks — I think getting that domain name was the real start of Simply Digital as a company. If you would like to follow along on this journey we’re just starting, sign up for updates here.


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