Goodbye to percents for goals!

Goals are now based on time per day/week/month/year, not percent.

I started building Simply Goals & Tasks for myself. I, myself, am the ideal user. Which is very helpful when building an app.

But I’m not really that typical. Like me, my ideal user cares a lot about their productivity. But I care so much that I’ve dedicated my life to it.

So there are going to be times when my way of thinking is too far from typical. Percent for Goals is a perfect example.

In my mind, there are 24 hours in every day, 168 in a week, 730 in a month. That’s constant. The question is how I divide it. Hence… percents!

But it turns out that’s not how most people think. Most people either got confused by the percents or even frustrated by them. They just wanted to say how much time they were going to spend on each goal. And I agree, it makes more sense this way.

So they are gone.

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