We’re now distributing the app through Google Play!

The app is still in closed beta — which means you still need an invite. But now it’s much easier to get updates.

With this update, we are no longer using the app “Beta by Crashlytics” to distribute the app. We are happy to move away from this app. Using it required our testers to change their security settings (to allow installs from outside the Play Store). Also, this app updated more often than ours, so with each update, our users had to first update “Beta by Crashlytics” before they could update “Simply Goals & Tasks”.

==> Testers can uninstall the “Beta by Crashlytics” app!

All updates will now be handled by the Google Play Beta program.

This version has the following improvements:

New graphs on the Overview page. There are now two new graphs on the overview page. One shows how much you have accomplished in the past. It sums the time spent on “done” tasks over the past days (or weeks or months or years depending on user selection). The second graph does the same for scheduled (not done) tasks in the future.

We added a new “Default Goal” choice in Settings. There are multiple options in Settings to make creating new tasks as quick as possible. Users could always select any Goal that would be the one selected by default when creating new tasks. There is now a new option for Default Goal to have the default be the same as the last task added.

==> Users are recommended to go to Settings and try out this new Default Goal option!

Related, we added more color options to goals. You can edit your existing goals’ colors from the Goals page, selecting the goal, and hitting Edit.

We brushed up the look of the app. The gradient background that was on the Login page is now the background for all list pages (Tasks, Goals, and Schedule). We are also using the Default Goal color rather than gray for some elements to brighten things up.

We also added info and functionality to the About and Account pages.

We fixed two known pain points for users.

First, the app is now always scrollable. The keyboard will no longer block access to any part of the screen.

Second, we believe we found the issue that was causing users to be logged out of the app so frequently. After logging in, you should stay logged in until you manually log yourself out or uninstall the app. If this is not your experience after this update, please let us know.

Finally, as users continue to find new ways to make the app crash, we continue to hunt down those bugs and improve stability. Users will never lose any data.

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