In college, I lost the day planner that I had been using for years one night on the T. I tried so hard to find it, but it was gone. Although it was useless, I continued to think about how I needed to check something in my planner.

I love paper, but it’s too easy to lose. I knew then that I needed a digital replacement for my planner.

But “digital” doesn’t automatically mean “backed up”. I had that old paper planner for many years. I can’t say the same for any of my smartphones.

It’s not enough to use an “app” to keep your to-do list; that app needs to back up your data in the cloud.

Simply Goals & Tasks now backs up your data in the cloud!

We’re using a service called Firebase, which is owned by Google, to make sure that everything is redundantly backed up and always secure!

This update means a lot of changes.

First off, you now need to create an account. How else are we supposed to tell your tasks from someone else’s?

Rest assured that it is not our business model to make money from your email address! If it was, building an app is a really inefficient way to do that. We use your email just to manage your account.

Our business model is “freemium”. We offer most features for free to everyone with a few features (the kind most desired by a real superuser) available for those that want to pay for them.

Second, your data (your goals and tasks) are now instantly backed up (as soon as you update and create an account). If you log in from a different device, all your data will be quickly downloaded and it will look just like your old device.

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