We’ve released an update to Simply Goals & Tasks. This update was mostly housekeeping.

On the back end we moved to Android Studio, the newly recommended IDE for Android development. We also updated our build system to Gradle and changed version control systems. Users won’t see any difference from these changes, but it will hopefully make releasing faster and smoother in the future.

As always there were some fixes including several bugs and crashes associated with changing the screen orientation:

  • the app no longer crashes with a change or orientation,
  • information entered by the user into a dialog is not lost when the screen changes orientation,
  • information entered by the user into an activity (like New or Edit Task) is no longer lost when screen changes orientation.

We fixes a few crashes happening with certain group actions (when you long press and select multiple tasks).

When a dialog is opened, the soft keyboard is now minimized. Before it stayed open and even moved in front of the dialog when the screen changed orientation.

Fixed an issue with the rescheduling tasks. Before if a user wanted to make the schedule more specific, like a specific day opposed to just “this week”, and they happened to want what automatically came up without setting the value themselves, when they hit OK the change was not registered.

We’re also adding to our group of Beta Testers with this release! Looking forward to their feedback!

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