List of Goals

Track Your Goals

Start by creating color-coded categories for your tasks.

Set Goals for how much time you want to spend on each.

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Where does the day go Pie Charts

Where does the day go?

Compare your ideal distribution of time with reality.

We take your completed tasks and automatically show you how many hours you’ve spent on each of your goals.

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Adding a new task screen

Quickly Add New Tasks

Smart defaults and settings allow tasks to be added easily.

You can also add repeating tasks.

Tips for adding Tasks >

Task scheduling dialog

Scheduling that reflects real life

Find yourself setting arbitrary deadlines just to record a task? And then moving that deadline later?

In Simply Goals & Tasks you can keep scheduling general until it makes sense for you to get specific.

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Crossed out screenshot of Google Calendar

No Arbitrary Deadlines

The flexible scheduling in Simply Goals & Tasks means that you never have to randomly pick a specific time just because of the limits of your tools.

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Coffee cup

Increased Motivation

The result: all your scheduling is meaningful.

If you said you were going to do something today, it wasn’t just to remember it, it’s because it actually needs to be done today.

Screenshot of Weekly Planner

Drag & Drop to Organize Your Week

Easily make a meaningful plan to get all your week’s tasks done.

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Screenshot of Daily Planner

Plan Your Day with Drag & Drop

Once you’ve made your plan, zoom in on today to focus on what matters

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Long Term Planning

Long Term Planning

Planning big projects is hard.

Simply Goals & Tasks lets you zoom out to do to make a real plan for your month or year.

Then zoom back in and get specific on when you’ll do each task when the time comes.

Read more about how scheduling works! >

Bar Chart

Productivity Analytics

View interesting data on both you past accomplishments and upcoming plans.

All automatically added up from tasks!

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Screenshot of a push notification coming in


Add Push Notifications to stay on top of your schedule.

App Settings Screenshot


Explore Settings to make Simply Goals & Tasks work even better for you.

Shared Goals screenshots


Share a Goal with one or more people (remember Goals act like categories for tasks).

See each other’s tasks for this Goal.

Assign tasks to each other.

Get more done together!

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