Let’s get started tracking your Goals! 

Goals work like categories in Simply Goals & Tasks. Every Task belongs to a Goal. When you complete a Task, that time is added up as spent on that Goal.

Note: From the main menu (three lines in the top-left) select Goals. Here you see your list of Goals. Select any to see details or edit. Tap the big floating + to add a new one.

Your Tasks and charts will be color-coded based on the color you pick for each Goal.

You also set an ideal amount of time you would like to spend on each Goal. This is why we call them “Goals” rather than “categories”. Don’t worry about this too much. You can change it any time and it doesn’t place any restrictions on the app. It’s there to provide you with info to help you decide where to spend your time. 

What Goals should I add?

The “goal” is how much time you are spending on any given aspect of your life. So think of different aspects of your life or roles that you fill.

For example, you might set goals like:

• 7 hours a week on Fitness
• 10 hours a week on your side business
• 2 hours a week on Housework
• 2 hours a week on Learning

Other goals could include Parenting, Socializing, School Work, Hobbies, Reading, Cooking, Photography, Writing, Marketing. Anything you want (or have) to spend your time on.

There is no wrong way! The point is for you to be your most productive self, whatever that means for you.

We all get 24 hours each day

One benefit of this exercise is consciously deciding how you would ideally spend your time. 
We are all constantly being told different ways that we should be spending our time. If we followed all that advice, it would add up to well over 24 hours each day.

Take the time to sketch out your ideal day (or week). This will make your priorities clear. Also, you can stop feeling guilty for failing to fit more than 24 hours into each day.