We have completely redesigned the main view of the app — where you schedule your tasks. We’ve also renamed it. The “Schedule” section is now the “Planner”.

The new Planner looks very different from the old Schedule.

We’ve trashed the old split view with where, for example in “Week” view, a breakdown of each day of the week above and all the “anytime this week” tasks below. Now it’s just one list.

There is still different views for Day, Week, Month, and Year where you can see all the tasks scheduled for then.

And swiping left and right still navigates to last and next week.

The big difference now is the Drag & Drop. With just a long press you can “pick up” any task and then Drag & Drop to reschedule it.

This makes it very easy to add granularity to when you’ve scheduled your tasks. Simply empty out your “Anytime this Day/Week/Month/Year” section into the Hour/Day/Week/Month that you want to schedule it.

This is a big improvement for the app. I can’t wait for you all to try it!