Consolidate your to-do lists

There is a good chance you have mini to-do lists all over the place.

Maybe a few notes on your phone, a larger doc on your computer, scraps of paper all over your home, miscellaneous tasks in your calendar?

I think you would be happier and more organized if all those tasks were in one place. And granted I’m biased, but I think Simply Goals & Tasks is a perfect place for all of them 🙂

Should you keep personal and work tasks in the same place?

If the time you spend at work is very predictable and consistent, then you can easily manage those tasks somewhere else. You will just mentally subtract that time when using Simply Goals & Tasks to plan your personal tasks. For example, while I aim for 6hrs in each day when planning my week, you might aim for 1 or 2hrs.

However, if you’re are self-employed or have an erratic schedule for another reason, I definitely recommend keeping it all in one place!

Access to the information you need

In Simply Goals & Tasks, we assume you have a lot of control over when you do your tasks. What we want is to give you the information you need to make a schedule –with meaningful deadlines– to get it all done.

And well, it’s easier to see that information if it is all in one place.

Imagine that you need to do the laundry in the next few days. And tomorrow you have a crazy work day. And the next day a friend from out of town is visiting.

When all of that information is together, you easily see that even though you still have clean socks, laundry actually needs to be done today.

And with your Goals acting like categories for your different types of tasks, it’s all still nice and organized (color-coded, even).

Long-term planning & day-to-day

You might have used different tools for planning long-term projects versus your daily task management in the past. Simply Goals & Tasks is meant to do both.

In the Planner, go to the Monthly or Yearly view to plan out projects that will span months. Then (as covered in the scheduling overview) you will see these tasks when making shorter-term plans. This way nothing is forgotten.