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Organize your life, never forget anything, and always know what needs to be done

Premium users are 4x more likely to stick with their goals

Stay productive, even with an unpredictable schedule
SGT’s unique paper-planner-style scheduling gives you more structure than a list with more flexibility than a calendar.

Always have your tasks with you
Stay in sync on all your devices. Works offline, too.

Build habits that stick
Eliminate the stress of creating new habits with easy repeating tasks. Set reminders to help.

Organize long term plans and day-to-day tasks in one place
Keep sight of your annual goals and turn them into daily tasks.

Balance your life
Set Goals for how you want to balance your time. Then track your progress.

Avoid burnout and gain clarity
Analytics show where your time is going. They also show you how booked you are coming up, so you can take steps in advance.

Themes to match your style
Color code your goals and tasks. Then match them to original Premium app themes.

No ads.
We won’t waste a second of your time.

Priority support
We’re here to make sure nothing is holding you back.

Increase productivity and organization
Achieve incredible results in every aspect of your life.