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Simply Goals & Tasks is a task manager for busy people with flexible schedules.

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Modern mobile phone with calendar for February 2014.

Ultimately, Simply Goals & Tasks strives to find your right balance between a flexible schedule and one with strict structure. Our app aims to show you the best way to manage your time.

Simply Goals & Tasks approaches task management from the perspective of people with flexible schedules.

Simply Goals & Tasks solves the problem of fitting a long to-do list into your flexible calendar. It doesn’t add excess granularity, forcing you to set false deadlines that end up getting changed anyway. You can always see how full your schedule is, allowing you to make more informed decisions when faced with new opportunities .

Goal Planning is vital for people with flexible schedules. By combining Goal Planning with Task Management, Simply Goals & Tasks lets you look backwards and see if you are really spending your time where you think, let alone where you want. Be your most productive self, and recognize where all this time you thought you had is going.


Know what you want Everything in Simply Goals & Tasks is displayed from the perspective of your goals. A goal is “run my business” or “get in shape” (the thing you actually want), while a task is “call my accountant” or “look for healthy recipes on Pinterest” (actionable items for your to-do list). Simply Goals & Tasks allows you to set goals and allocate them accordingly. For example, if you plan to be productive 40hrs/week, then a project or goal that takes up 10hrs/week is taking up 25% of your time. If you have allocated more than 100%, it means you have overcommitted yourself. With this information, you can choose what changes to your busy schedule need to be made. We want you to see where your time is really going. You may find that your new side project is eating into the time set for your primary goals. Armed with this knowledge, you can adjust your commitments to focus on what really matters. When you have a flexible schedule, it can feel like you have all the time in the world. On the other hand, knowing that you are already 100% committed can give you the ammunition to say “no” when saying no is the right thing to do. While it’s easy to see the benefits of tracking where your time goes, undoubtedly it is difficult to do. Self reporting is bound to have errors. It is also difficult to keep up the habit. Simply Goals & Tasks is great because it is capable of both goal tracking and task management. Every time you cross an item off your list, the app knows you spent time on that specific goal.


List what you need to do You need a bucket where you can quickly add any task that pops into your head. You want to get items onto your to-do list, so you can stop worrying about remembering them and focus on the task at hand. At the same time, you can’t just throw your ideas into a bucket where they might get lost. You need to be able to find them and be reminded of them at the right time. Simply Goals & Tasks balances these conflicting needs by making it easy to add new tasks. You can see the urgent tasks, the tasks associated with a particular goal, the tasks you hope to accomplish today, or any combination thereof. Making a list of tasks is the easy part, it’s up to you to start crossing things off.


Scheduling for people with flexible time You want to schedule when you will complete certain tasks, but you also want to live a life not revolving around your to-do list. Most task managers today are designed for people who have a very packed calendar and only a few hours a week to complete random tasks. What about those of us who are often looking at a blank day or even mostly blank week, with a long list of business and personal tasks that need to get done? Many of these tasks only have the deadlines that we set for ourselves. For us, our current options are:

  • Put all of our tasks in our calendars, then strictly follow them. The problem with this method is that it leaves no room for spontaneity, whether for a business emergency or to accept an invite to a friend’s beach house. When something urgent does come up, everything needs to be rescheduled, causing rippling effects weeks into the future.
  • Use a simple to-do list, and just work your way through it. The problem with this approach is that procrastination in inevitable. Flexible time always feels like more time than it really is, thus you take on more than you can accomplish. When you don’t finish, you have no way to track where your time has gone.
Today’s task managers fall into one of these categories, with nothing in between. Current task managers that support scheduling work the same as penciling tasks into your calendar. They require you to immediately say when you will accomplish each new task. But what if it doesn’t have to be Tuesday at 3pm, it just has to be this week? Scheduling within Simply Goals & Tasks is designed with people who have flexible schedules in mind. You can schedule your tasks first from a high-level point of view, then work out the specifics later. Or, create a structured schedule from the get go. The added benefit with this type of scheduling is that it allows you to plan out big projects in advance, and work out the specifics as needed.


Be your best self A lenient schedule can feel like a black hole, so gaining a bird’s-eye view of where your time is going is especially important. You might always feel busy, but don’t understand why you are not getting more done. Tracking your goals and tasks will shine some light on where your time is going. For goals, maybe you want to be spending 5% of your time on improving your cooking, but it is actually taking up 20% of your time. Knowing this, maybe you scale back your effort in that area in order to spend more time on higher priorities. Individual tasks can also run amuck. Think of that task that has been on your list for a while now, the one you have been dreading. Well, imagine it turns out you have rescheduled it 8 times. A smart to-do list can bring this to your attention, prompting you to delegate or delete this troublesome task if possible. Most people are more productive during certain hours. However, you might not even know what are your best hours because you feel you are always working. Imagine, for instance, knowing that half the tasks you schedule for after 4pm end up getting rescheduled. If you know this, you can avoid scheduling anything important in that time. Alleviate the stresses of old-fashioned scheduling issues with Simply Goals & Tasks.