Not a calendar, not just a list


Keeping your tasks in your calendar destroys all flexibility. If you stick to your plan, you give up your flexible lifestyle. But rescheduling those arbitrary deadlines is a pain and feels like failure.

Keeping your tasks in a simple list leads to procrastination. Everything feels like it can be done tomorrow, so nothing gets done today.

Simply Goals & Tasks provides an option in the middle.



Simply Goals & Tasks helps you maximize your productivity


· Setting a schedule that discourages procrastination

· Goal planning to help you pick the right tasks to do first

· Analytics to track your time



Flexible Scheduling


In the real world most tasks just need to be done this week or even next month or occasionally Tuesday at 3pm.

In Simply Goals & Tasks you schedule your tasks for as specific or general a time as you want. It can be an exact time or any given day, week, month, or even year. No need to add unnecessary detail.

For example, you might dump your existing to-do list into May 2017. Then you can look at May 2017 in the app, and plan out what tasks should be done which weeks (or postponed to June).

This way you are making a real plan to get all your May tasks done! And you won’t suddenly realize on the 25th that there is no way to finish.

You can do the same thing for each week. It’s easy to drag and drop tasks from “Anytime the 2nd week of May” into Monday, Tuesday, etc.

If you want to get more granular, which is helpful when you’re extra busy, you can even look at your day and plan out what times you will complete each task.



Tracking your goals


Do you know where your time goes?

Getting more done is only the first half. It’s also important to know you are getting the right stuff done.

We take your completed tasks and automatically show you how many hours you’ve spent on each of your goals.

You might be surprised by differences between your actual priorities and which aspects of your life are getting the most of your time.



Analytics on your time


Do you know if you are overbooked or have time to spare next week?

When most things just have to be done “soon” it’s really hard to understand how busy you are.

Manage your to do list with Simply Goals & Tasks and it tells you how many hours you’ve already committed yourself to in any given time period.

This information can empower you to make the right choice when a new opportunity comes your way — whether it’s a business function or an invite to the beach!